by Aiden Hills, staff writer

MAY 2022 —Mckenna Tubbs has gone through a long journey to get where she is now, starting from her career playing lacrosse, to her career teaching math, and picking up various lessons and hobbies along the way. She is currently the eighth-grade math teacher at Bio-Med Science Academy. She has a lot of hobbies and is very active outside of school, but still manages to create fun, interactive projects for her students. Tubbs is in her third year of teaching, having started her teaching career at Bio-Med in 2019 as the seventh-grade math teacher.  

Pictured is Tubbs holding the award she got at the Ohio Athletic Conference with the Mount Union Women’s Lacrosse team in May 2019. Her team won all four years she was there. Photo provided by Tubbs.

Tubbs first discovered that she wanted to be a teacher in her middle school years. She started her journey to become a teacher at the University of Mount Union (M.U.) in 2016. Tubbs decided to attend M.U. because she wanted to build a relationship with her professors, and she thought that would be harder in a larger setting compared to a smaller scale university. She also found Mount Union appealing because of its programs for teaching, and she could also play lacrosse.

Tubbs has played lacrosse since she was in the seventh grade and quickly discovered that it was something that she enjoyed doing, saying that she “instantly loved the sport.” Tubbs played the sport throughout high school, but as her senior year started coming to an end, she decided that she wanted to keep playing. That is when she found out that Mount Union was the best fit for her.

She looks back fondly on her college years, saying, “College was truly the best four years of my life, and I made some lifelong friendships while I was there.”

As she loved her college years, she also is appreciating her more recent years teaching within Bio-Med, saying that the non-traditional environment allowed her to have more creative control of her teaching.

“My favorite thing is the freedom to do what I want with my curriculum, and the support I get from admin,” she explained.

Tubbs enjoys doing fun projects that help her students grasp new ideas they are learning in class. In addition, she does projects that are meant to challenge students in ways that they aren’t usually challenged, like using math as a way to create art.

Tubbs has a four-year-old corgi named Millie. Here, Millie rests on top of a log during a hike on the Cuyahoga Valley National Park trail. Photo provided by Tubbs.

She said, “My favorite project that we have done is the Tessellation Installation that is now hanging up outside the bathrooms in the seventh and eighth grade wing.” This project was an integration with Miss Putman and combined geometry and art.”

Outside of school and teaching, Tubbs enjoys working out, hiking, running, and coaching the lacrosse team at Stow-Munroe Falls High School. She enjoys hiking around the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Tubbs does a lot inside and outside of the school, but ultimately in the future she wants to continue teaching middle school math. Sometime within the next two years, she plans to pursue her master’s degree.

She is excited for her teaching future, saying, “I look forward to growing as a teacher and finding new ways that teach students problem-solving and mathematical mindset in the classroom.”

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