The Hive Staff, 2021-2022

Havann Brown — Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Alyssa Cocchiola — Associate Editor

Ken Burchett — Associate Editor

CJ Delaney — Reporter

Elise Miller — Reporter

Randall Hatfield — Reporter

Camryn Myrla — Reporter

Mallory Butcher — Reporter

Jesse Mitchell — Reporter

Logan Cook — Reporter

Avery Miller — Reporter

Alex Levy — Reporter

Cadence Gutman — Reporter

Aiden Hills — Reporter

Meadow Sandy — Reporter

Ms. Jenna Bates — Adviser

*The Hive provides students with the opportunity to express creativity, to learn journalism techniques and principles, and to learn about the rights and responsibilities of public expression in our democratic society. The Hive is produced entirely by students and not subject to prior content review. Bio-Med Science Academy’s Governing Board assumes no liability for the newspaper’s content. Bio-Med’s Hive is a member of the Ohio Scholastic Media Association


  1. HI! Its Skylar Cole from class of 2020, and one of the original members of newspaper. I saw on twitter the post Ms. Bates shared about the hive and just wanted to let you guys know how excited all of us from the original group are that is has grown to this size. Thank you all so much for keeping it going and keep up the hard work!

    From, Skylar Cole, Colleen Bungard, Ben Morgan, Ace Harrah, & Jacob Rude.


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